Julie presenting a typography session at the Presentation Summit
Julie gestures while teaching at the Presentation Summit

Our mission: to help presenters better communicate with their audiences

Our method: design on-brand, visual concepts that convey your message with clarity, simplicity, and focus

Our hand-picked team: presentation experts, Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs, skilled designers, and experienced writers

Our credentials: a strong foundation in design, decades of experience in the presentation industry, trusted partnerships with industry professionals, and valued clients around the world

Design to Present

Why the new site name? This site showcases the work of Terberg Design, LLC. The new name best describes what we do and what we’re known for.

Presentations take various forms. Many are projected in boardrooms and ballrooms, others are delivered remotely on various devices and displays. And some presentations are printed or sent electronically for consumption without the benefit of a presenter.

We work with our clients to visually convey their stories, designing clear, focused visuals with the audience in mind.

Julie Terberg, founder

Julie is the creative force behind Design to Present and Terberg Design. As a designer, consultant, writer, and teacher, she is passionate about visual presentations and encourages designers to open their minds to the possibilities of the medium.

Since 2005, Microsoft has awarded Julie as a PowerPoint MVP, one of only 14 in North America.

She is a founding director and the art director emerita for the Presentation Guild.

Julie speaks at industry conferences, where she enjoys inspiring other presentation professionals.

With Echo Swinford of Echosvoice.com,  Julie co-authored  Building PowerPoint Templates: Step by Step with the Experts and the update: Building PowerPoint Templates V2.  Julie and Echo also collaborate on many projects, developing bespoke presentation templates and template systems.

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